Stabplate Acid Injection

ROV Stabplate Acid Injection

ROV Stabplate Acid Injection
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Acid injection is used to help eliminate calcareous growth / algae from the mechanisms on the MQC stabplate when subsea for long periods of time.

To reduce problems when de-mating, an acid injection port which is incorporated into the design, will allow the critical areas to be washed with a solution that dissolves the marine growth and avoids possible problems.

The addition of the acid injection system to the existing MSCM fly to place stab plate assembly was undertaken so as to not affect the fit, form and function of the standard assembly.
Fluid Used   Oceanic CW
Pressure of Acid Injection   10-15 BAR
Duration of Injection   10 Mins
Duration to Dissolve Growth   Up to 30 Mins
Storage   5 - 40⁰C