Hydraulic / Electrical EQDU

Hydraulic / Electrical EQDU

Mechanical EQDU
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This unit is comprised of an electro-hydraulic stabplate assembly. The male fixed plate is mounted to the interface between the B.O.P & EDP/LMRP. The fixed plate is populated with male hydraulic couplers and electrical connectors, in addition the plate is equipped with offset & angular misalignment mechanism and coarse and fine alignment.

The free plate is mounted to the breakaway structure or EDP/LMRP unit and populated with female hydraulic couplings and electrical connectors which are connected to the work over umbilical and cables respectively.

The emergency disconnect package is designed to operate from the vessel via a hydraulic cylinder. The plate design incorporates primary (coarse) guidance achieved through the interface to the structure followed with primary (fine) guidance which is designed into the stabplate assembly ensuring fine alignment prior to coupling engagement and locking.
Hydraulic Cylinder   APH
Check Valve   LEE
System Pressure (MWP)   Up to 15,000psi
Coupling Population   Up to 30
Electrical Connectors   Various
Fibre Optic Connectors   Various
Power Connectors   Various