Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic Couplings
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MSCM’s coupling design is based upon a low force principal which results in a much reduced make up and separation force when compared to alternative couplings.

Diver Mateable - A range of dual resilient seal hydraulic couplings suitable for make and break under full system pressure. These couplings can be supplied uniquely keyed and colour coded to prevent cross connection between HP, LP and chemical lines.

Quick Release Hydraulic - For use topside or workover and xmas tree equipment. Dual resilient seal couplings.

Stabplate Low Force Hydraulic - Male and female self-sealing couplings allowing make and break under full system pressure. The design of the coupling dictated a low separation force. This allows the dense population of stabplates for hydraulic distribution systems enabling a greater number of lines in a smaller area.
Diver Mateable
¼” 1035 BAR M.W.P CV 1.0
⅜” 1035 BAR M.W.P CV 1.9
¾” 690 BAR M.W.P CV 5.5