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HFL/STFL assemblies are used to interconnect subsea equipment. HFL’s provide the transmission of hydraulic fluid, chemical, and service line connections between subsea equipment.

Each end of the HFL is terminated to a ROV Free ‘Fly to Place’ stabplate which house self-sealing female hydraulic couplings, connecting each of the lines contained within the HFL bundle. Replaceable seals are contained within the female couplings of the stabplates for easy retrieval.

HFL’s are installed from deployment frames with ROV assistance, but they are also capable of being installed through the clump weight method.

HFL’s are sufficiently flexible to allow handling by ROV and are negatively buoyant when the lines are filled with their normal operating fluids. The overall construction is sufficiently robust which allows the components to withstand the exerted forces during manufacture, transportation, installation and service life.

All materials used in the HFL’s and ancillary equipment are compatible with each other, and with most fluids, suitable for subsea use under normal service conditions for the life of field.
Coupling Population   Up to 26
Coupling Size   Various
Design Depth   3000m

Lockdown Mechanism Separation Force

  218 kN
Maximum Pressure   Up to 15000psi
Design Life   30 Years
Applicable Standard   ISO13628-6/7/8