High-Load UTH

High-Load UTH

Umbilical Termination Head (UTH) High Loads
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Umbilical termination head (UTH) assemblies make it possible to terminate umbilical lines and provide multiple connections for chemical, hydraulic, electrical and fibre optic services subsea.

Due to its unique ‘external load by-pass’ (ELB) retainer mechanism, all external loads are disconnected from the MQC locking mechanism and re-directed straight on the host structure allowing for far greater tie-in loads.

This particular design houses a vast array of functions including 14 hydraulic lines, 6off bulkhead connectors with 3off 1in-2out FACTs, with all 15m of service loop cabling contained within the frame allowing for greater protection through all phases of its life cycle.
Number of Couplings   Up to 14*
Coupling Size   Various
Design Depth   3000m
Lockdown Mechanism Separation Force   218 kN
Design Life   30 Years
Applicable Standard   SO13628-6/7/8