Gas Lift Couplings

Gas Lift Couplings

Daisy Chain Unit
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This unique 1 ½” nominal bore coupling incorporates an integral self sealing check valve which eliminates the possibility of hydrate formation during deployment and interventions.

The fixed male coupling is mounted to the sub-sea structure e.g. xmas tree, manifold.

The free female half contains a peek energised primary seal with a resilient seal redundant back up. Design allows for multiple make and break under system working pressures for the design life of 25 years.

The fixed coupling is connected to the distribution system via an API flange or similar.

Free half has a flexible thermoplastic jumper attached, via grayloc hub assembly.

Alternatively, the coupling may be utilised with all commonly used service media e.g methanol injection, water and oil based control fluids.
System W.P   448 BAR
Test Pressure   672 BAR
Fluid / Service   Gas Lift
Design Temp   90⁰ C
Max Flow   300,000sm/day