Daisy Chain Unit

Daisy Chain Unit
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Developed and designed in order to eliminate the procurement of additional expensive field umbilicals by offering the flexibility to hydraulically and electrically link (daisy chain) subsea step outs, without the need of additional infield umbilical’s and provide the ability to re-configure the field layout during field life.

The purpose of the daisy chain distribution unit is intended to be a means of distributing hydraulic fluid supplies, methanol supplies and electrical connections from one subsea tree to a second subsea tree for use in deep and shallow water applications. This is a modularized, fabricated structure designed to be installed from a lift wire by a free flying remotely operated vehicle using a class 4 torque tool interface as described in API 17D and ISO 13628-8 for deployment on the subsea tree.
Vertical & Lateral   ± 75mm
Orientation   Z Axis ± 10⁰
Azimuth/Elevation   Y Axis ± 10⁰
Bearing   X Axis ± 10⁰
Test Fluid   Transaqua HT2