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Block and Bleed Valves
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The block and bleed valve assembly is a low torque, soft seat rising plug shut-off valve with back seating.

The stem seal is a PTFE gland, straight through drillways and two valves are used to give the block and bleed application.

The valve is particularly suitable for manifold mounting as the standard bonnet stem and seat assembly can be inserted into a multi valve pocketed manifold.

The straight through in and out drillways facilitate the manifold manufacture which leads itself suitably to multi-function manifold mounting. The simplicity to replace the soft seat ensures that a damaged manifold is readily repairable.

This application is particularly suitable for use on subsea distribution units controlling hydraulic
pressure functions, chemical and methanol distribution systems.
Multiturn Valve Operates   0-1.5 CV
Pressure Rating   690 BAR